The Schools We Support

Bufumira Primary School, a relatively small school, has a  vocational approach to ensure their children will have work skills, since most of them will not go to secondary school or college. Kamukamu has funded computers, sewing machines and a cow for Bufumira. The cow had calves in 2014, 2015, and 2017!  Read more about these projects by clicking on the specific pages under “Uganda projects.” You can also read a report given to us by the Head Teacher of Bufumira about the benefits of the projects we’ve funded and what the school is hoping to improve in the future by clicking here.

Ngombere Primary School has a more traditional academic curriculum and program.  Kamukamu has provided funding for solar panels for lighting, a girls dormitory and latrine, and teacher residence. Read more about these projects  by clicking on the specific pages under “Uganda Projects.”

Nakalanda Primary School first reached-out to Kamukamu in 2016. Nakalanda is a village in Mukono district forty miles from Kampala city, the capital of Uganda.  The people of Nakalanda derive their livelihood from subsistence farming and fishing on Lake Victoria. Nakalanda Primary School was founded by the catholic church in 1960s, but is now ran by the government of Uganda. Kamukamu has funded the building of a teacher’s residence, classroom, and office at the school. See our “Uganda Projects” page for more details.

Mugomba Primary School is a government-sponsored school, under the Universal Primary Education (UPE) program, in the Mukono District. The school helps mostly students of disadvantage (i.e. low-income, orphaned, etc.). Under the UPE, Mugomba receives government grants, but the financial assistance is too little to address all of the school’s needs or resolve the specific challenges this type of school has. The school population consists of 320 students and 8 teachers. Kamukamu began it’s relationship with Mugomba in 2019.