Solar Lighting


Lighting of the old hurricane lamps

In July 2011, Kamukamu Learning Foundation funded the installation of a solar lighting system in Ngombere Primary School in southern Uganda. The school serves approximately 8,000 families, many of whom are subsistence farmers earning less than thirty dollars a year. Kamukamu Learning Foundation chose this project in consultation with the head teacher and other administrators at Ngombere Primary School.  The solar lighting system replaces hurricane lamps in two classrooms and two dormitories used by sixth and seventh grade students. These students reside at the school while studying for placement exams that precede their entry into high school.  Prior to the installation of the solar lighting system, the hurricane lamps burned kerosene, a fuel that was both dangerous and unhealthy and also expensive.  Because of the expense and danger, the hurricane lamps were not operated after the teachers left at the end of the day, leaving the students in darkness and unable to do homework.  As quoted in the Ugandan Daily Monitor, one seventh grade student observed that “Teachers had to leave early for long distances, leaving students with nothing to do in the dark. Now we have light, so studies will be easy and without interruption.”

Solar Installation for school

Community members prepare roof for solar panels