Sewing Machines

2013-09-17 01.07.46

These sewing machines were purchased by Kamukamu for Bufumira Primary School so the students can learn practical sewing skills as part of their education. Many students drop out of school prior to completing high school or college, and these practical skills can help them support themselves by making items for locals or tourists. Kamukamu also paid the salary for a sewing instructor for six months.  After the first six months, the community  paid the teacher. Kamukamu intends to expand this pilot project to other schools.

According to a recent report from the Bufumira Primary school:

  • 30% of the children can now do the introductory tailoring skills e.g. knitting, sewing, cutting putting buttons on a cloth and naming materials needed in tailoring.
  • Through sensitizing parents in meetings, they have now picked interest in our projects and are providing simple materials for the children to use e.g. threads.
  • The community members have benefited from the project services by bringing their clothes for mending and this is also contributes to the project’s sustainability.