School Supplies & Classroom Furniture

Last year, Nakalanda Primary School asked for Kamkamu’s assistance in renovating a dilapidated building on campus. Kamakamu accepted their request and made the project a point of interest at our first benefit auction in April of 2019. Thanks to our generous attendees, the auction raised enough money to renovate the building AND provide the classrooms with furniture and school supplies. Building construction was completed by the end of summer (2019). As soon as the building was open to students, Kamakamu began phase 2 of the project – filling the new classrooms with school supplies! Thanks to our generous supporters and auction donors, the children and staff of Nakalanda Primary School received the following classroom supplies in November of 2019:

  • 120 Social Studies Textbooks for 4th – 7th grade
  • 120 English Textbooks for 4th – 7th grade
  • 120 Science Textbooks for 4th – 7th grade
  • 120 Math Textbooks for 4th – 7th grade
  • 50 Student Benches
  • 6 Teacher Desks
  • 6 Teacher Chairs
  • 1 Desktop Computer
  • 1 Printer