Nakalanda Classroom Renovation

Nakalanda asked us to replace a dilapidated building (pictured below) on their campus,¬†which¬†houses 4 classrooms. Nakalanda is responsible for educating approximately 750 students. As you can see from the pictures below, some of these students were having to attend classes under a tree because the current building is inhabitable. Kamakamu accepted their request and made the project a point of interest at our first benefit auction in April of 2019. Thanks to our generous attendees, the auction raised enough money to renovate the building AND provide the classrooms with furniture and school supplies. Demolition of the dilapidated building began in June of 2019. Construction took around 4 months to complete. The new building is currently being used, but will be “officially opened” in August of 2020 when dignities and Kamukamu President Stephen Ssemaala are able to attend. Kamukamu is currently in the process of purchasing new classroom supplies for the school to use in their brand new building!