Classroom & Office Construction

Kamukamu Learning Foundation started working with the community of Nakalanda to support Nakalanda Primary School in 2016.  Nakalanda is a village in Mukono district forty miles from Kampala city, the capital of Uganda.  The people of Nakalanda derive their livelihood from subsistence farming and fishing on Lake Victoria.

Nakalanda Primary School was founded by the catholic church in 1960s, but now run by the government of Uganda.  In 2017, Kamukamu Learning Foundation built a teacher’s housing to accommodate four teachers.  Free teacher’s housing is very important especially for rural schools because it allows teachers to live on school campus, thus eliminating absences particularly during rainy seasons.  It also allows the school to attract qualified government sponsored teachers who otherwise wouldn’t teach in a village school, which in turn greatly improve the quality of the children’s education.

The building was officially commissioned by the president of Kamukamu during his visit to Uganda in July 2018. The function was attended by community leaders, district educational officials and well-wishers.

In 2018, KamuKamu provided funding to complete a classroom building with an office, which was constructed by the community in 2010. As a result of these two projects, student enrollment has tremendously increased. In 2017, the school had only 164 students, but at the end of the third term in December 2018, the enrollment had increased to 521.

Kamukamu is continuing to work with the community to improve the quality of education. Our next project is to renovate a dilapidated four classroom building built in 1963, and to introduce computer education at Nakalanda Primary School.