Mugomba Teachers’ Housing

Through community mobilization with parents, Mugomba has attempted to construct housing for its teachers. Unfortunately, due to limited funds, the school was unable to complete the project. Mugomba decided to ask for Kamukamu’s help in completing the construction. Providing adequate housing to teachers is essential for keeping qualified teachers working for Mugomba. Teacher housing significantly decreases teacher absenteeism, and increases teacher retention. Kamukamu was able to provide the funds to help finish the project. Construction was completed in June of 2019.


A Thank You Letter from the Head Teacher at Mugomba…


This is to write to you together with the Board of Directors to thank you for the great contribution made towards the completion of teachers’ house which had taken over 30 years without completion.

Mugomba primary school is community based primary school helping the needy and extremely poor people in the community who cannot afford school fees. Most of the contribution made is from the community with the help of the government to pay teachers’ salaries.

On behalf of school management and PTA I would like to thank you once again for the great contribution and look forward for more partnership and help.

Thanks and may God bless Kamukamu Learning Foundation.

Attached are the photos of the completed and old teacher’s houses.

Yours in service,

 Gasheegu murama Barame