Computer Project

SDC11067Kamukamu has completed the computer project for Bufumira Primary School. It is now the only school in the Kalangala School District that has computers.  These computers, and printer, are powered by solar charged batteries. The batteries also provide power for lighting. This lighting will help children study at night and will improve school security. The school will employ a computer trainer from the community who will  train the pupils, teachers, and people from the community.  She/he will be a part of the full time school program.


Sustainability of the project: The school will raise funds for the sustainability of the project from the following sources;

  • Parents’ contribution. Each child has to pay 3000 shillings ($2) per term to facilitate the project and to pay the salary of the trainer.
  • Individuals from the community will also pay 10,000 shillings ($6) for computer training.
  •  A charge of 500 shillings (35c) for people charging their mobile phones.

The community is quite excited to have joined the technological age. Kamukamu and the people of Bufumira,  heartily thank its donors for making this possible.