About Us


Empower local communities to educate the children of Uganda, one child, one school, one community at a time to inspire hope, increase opportunity, and realize dreams.

Inspire Ugandan children to reach their full potential as productive community members and future leaders through excellent, community-based education.

Guiding Principles

Our fuel is our passion for the children of Uganda and for the vital role of education.

Our light is integrity—being responsible to those we serve, our partners, customers, each other.

People are best supported and educated when their individual choices and local cultures are respected without judgment.

We take joy in pursuit of our mission. We celebrate engaging all challenges and take pride in our success.

We embrace creativity and welcome diversity, new paradigms, and creating consistent positive energy through synergy—a win/win for everyone.

We encourage empathy and selflessness in recognizing that we are all connected…what happens to one child in Uganda happens to all of us. We are one world.


OurProjects_20110613_0018Increasing community involvement in enhancing educational opportunity Improving academic standards in elementary and secondary schools

Providing better learning environments for students in underprivileged schools

Enhancing access to educational resources

Supporting school libraries

Enhancing teacher training Increasing the enrollment of students with disabilities Influencing educational reform

Building school facilities to decrease classroom congestion

Sponsoring training for special education teachers

Creating a student exchange program with Washington State high schools

Providing college scholarships to underprivileged students