Bufumira Report

On behalf of the school staff, School management Committee, student body and entire community, I would like to send a vote of thanks to our partners in Education Kamukamu Learning Foundation for the support given to our school.

The school has the following projects funded by Kamukamu Learning Foundation

  • Dairy cattle project
  • Upgraded computer system
  • Sewing machines project
  • safe water facility

Achievements of the project

  • Since the introduction of the projects there is increased enrollment from 156 pupils in 2011 to 215pupils in 2019.
  • Skills development in pupils, teachers and community members.
  • There was job creation where two instructors were employed
  • Utilization of machines in conducting meetings (projector)

Dairy cattle project

The project now has three cows that’s;

  • Augmentative mother
  • Black horse
  • Spotted gulf
  • Improved pupils’ and teachers’ diet by taking milk
  • Leant how to look after cattle feeding spraying drenching
  • Multi-use mechanism of using animal wastes as manure

Computer project

  • This project has helped the school community in the following areas
  • Children are using audio visual learning aid through projected work
  • Tests administered are now printed from school which minimized the expenditure of the school
  • Office work such as school reports, report cards, minutes, invitation letter are printed from school this minimizes the expenditure and allows timely submission
  • The seventh day Adventist use the projector during their fellowship

Tailoring project

  • 10% of learners acquired preliminary skills in tailoring
  • school uniforms are made from school
  • one community member Nalumansi Immaculate is on training

Safe water

  • pupils and teachers now are accessing safe water this reduced diseases caused by contaminated water that is to say we are reporting few cases than before purifiers.


The following are the constraints

  • Parents and community member have responded by 20% toward the school projects
  • We experienced some technical faults which labored us a lot of money to overcome.
  • Drop out of children from school which is attributed to poor and expensive inter Island transport as we expect 30% of the school population from other islands were there are no schools i.e. Kusu, Mukaka, Namasengere, Kaazi, Lwamayuba, Buwunge and Lulindi
  • The internet is most of the times slow due to low network.


We recommend the following;

  • Parents intervention in all school activities to boost school projects.
  • School Management Committee to sensitize the community on their roles in education
  • Mobilise funds to have transport facility to bridge different islands.

For all possible innovation we are here to serve the community.

Yours in-service